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My partner and I completed a 1:1 course with Pooja in latter pregnancy.  I originally contacted Pooja as I was apprehensive about the prospect of a natural birth and had heard Hypnobirthing would help me control my nerves!

Before the course, I had limited knowledge of Hypnobirthing, but Pooja spent a lot of time working from the basics. Pooja talked us through the stages of labour and the anatomy of birth as well as informing us of the choices we have in labour and how to discuss these with our midwife. Pooja also worked through the breathing techniques and visualisations with both of us and showed us various breathing patterns for the different stages of labour, enabling me to choose which I feel most comfortable with when the time comes!

Since the course, I have continued with the breathing techniques and relaxations and feel more confident with them every day.  I feel the course has made both my partner and I a lot more confident about the birth, and much more relaxed! Pooja is very professional and has a great way with people – you instantly feel relaxed with her. Since the course, Pooja has kept in touch and is always on hand if you have any last minute moments of madness!


- Kally & Mark

Pooja is kind, caring and empathetic towards families and their situations. She works hard to empower parents to lead their own path and is a great support in the background when needed. Pooja is realistic and honest ensuring families have the facts they want. I’m sure this tailor made package will go over and above any of your expectations. The after care for the first year is an amazing option to have in the background should you need it. Pooja is a wonderful person so excited that she has decided to take on this new venture and to start seeing the benefits to families across those very tender first few moments. You will be in safe hands.

- Rachel

Pooja has great knowledge on hypnobirthing and is not one to let anyone leave, from her group, without feeling reassured and comfortable with how their birth can be.

I have known Pooja for some time now and she is very caring and understanding of others. The fact that she implied hypnobirthing techniques to her own birth means that she can easily relate to others and support and guide them the best way she knows how.

Pooja is a very approachable young woman with a lot of drive behind her. If she is unsure of anything she is more than willing to go the extra mile to get answers for you and will not let you down.

- Rupa & Vikesh

Pooja is such a caring and understanding person. she will listen to all and try to relate to it.

I was a nervous first time mum without any Mum friends and once I had met Pooja not only did she give me confidence, she reassured me that everything I was doing was right for my son and I wasn't the only mum in the world to have doubts about what I was doing. She has a great knowledge of hypnobirthing and is very passionate about it and that's exactly what you want from a trainer.

Last of all .... She's amazing!!!

- Selina & Hiten

Hi I just had to let you know my amazing news I had an appointment with my consultant today and I can have a water birth!!! So happy and relieved!! No more consultant appointments just midwife antenatal led care!! I expressed my concerns and fears and they listened! I would never have had the confidence had I not been exposed to your class! The first step to my positive birth!! Xxx

- Lisa & Shafik

Pooja is amazing! Hypnobirthing has really helped settle our perspective of birth we are feeling a lot more relaxed and confident since we feel a lot more informed about the entire process and the meditation tracks as well as the other materials are great! We cannot thank and recommend Pooja enough! She has helped us both so much with all the tips and techniques from the classes.

- Ankita & Kalpesh

Pooja has been so hospitable and caring. We opted to go for a 1:1 private class and it definitely worked so much better for us as we were able to discuss personal things in her presence and she was able to be there to support us. We not only found the mechanics of birth helpful but the ways in which to manage the surges, breathing techniques have really helped me to relax and feel more prepared for birth. We now are not afraid of the unknown but excited to know that we can support ourselves and have the confidence to ask questions so we can make the right choices for us.


Pooja's knowledge on postnatal care has been invaluable. As first time parents, it's not just the birth that we were feeling apprehensive about, but also about how to manage our new lives as parents. Pooja took her time to explain the early days and answered all our questions. We could not recommend her enough. You will definitely be in safe hand. 

- Danielle & Joe

After having completed the course, my anxiety and negative thoughts regarding labour have been replaced with excitement to experience one of the most empowering moments of my life as a woman. Whereas before I was just focusing on the labour, now my thoughts are focused on the end goal where I visualize gazing at my baby for the first time, a thought which keeps me thinking positively.

Hearing and watching calm birth stories has shifted my perspective on what a birth can and should look like. Listening to the positive affirmations and practicing the breathing techniques daily has now become an integral part of my life to the point that I can no longer imagine my day without this brilliant self-care routine which is  proving so beneficial for my and my baby's wellbeing- the baby loves it too!

I could not have asked for a better teacher than Pooja. She was approachable, kind, caring, always showing a genuine interest in answering my queries and going out of her way to understand my anxieties and working with me to get to the solution. Initially I was worried how the 1:1 course would pan out as due to Covid19 the classes would be happening online, however Pooja made sure the material was posted on time and the online classes felt very much in person thanks to Pooja's relaxed and easy- going attitude.

- Safina & Muhammad

I've just had the most AMAZING, positive birth experience with my second child (after a horror story with my first) following the techniques and exercises that this lovely lady has taught me.

Pooja is worth every single penny and more!
If it wasnt for the techniques you taught me, theres not a chance in hell I could have managed the drug free, natural birth that I had and personally think I managed damn well with.

I got my birthing partner and midwives on board too, to help remind me when I started letting fear and panic take over, and between us, I managed the whole labour and birth natural and pretty much drug free (other than some codine at the start of contractions and pethadine to help me get some sleep during later contractions).

If you know you're wanting to give Hypnobirthing a go, but aren't sure/are curious or even want any more info on what it actually is (not weird voodoo like I originally thought), then get in touch with Pooja. She has been nothing but hospitable.
I highly recommend both Pooja and the courses she offers.

- Dannii and Gareth

I would 100% recommend Pooja and her hypnobirthing course. The course gave me a good insight into understanding my options and allowed me to have an instrumental free birth that was calm and with no pain relief after a traumatic first birth ending in emergency c section. The tools and techniques she taught also helped in later stages of pregnancy as my anxiety increased and pains occurred more often this allowed me to calm down on a number of occasions and have the birth I desired. I am so grateful to her x

- Jade

The whole journey with Sweet Bliss Births was very easy, from finding out more information,
booking the course and attending the sessions over Zoom.

At the start of the course, we felt anxious and unsure about what to expect and didn’t really know too much about labour. Upon completion of the Hypnobirthing and Baby Care course, we feel excited about birth and meeting our baby. We feel we have a better understanding of labour and birth and the options which are available. Also knowing that if the birth plan does not go to plan, we am aware of the alternatives that could take place. We feel more prepared and empowered about birth. We particularly found the breathing techniques to use at the different stages of labour and baby care add- on really helpful.


Pooja made the course very easy to follow and the practical elements broke up just sitting and listening to the course. Pooja was friendly and was able to answer any questions we had. It is also really reassuring to know that
I have the support from Pooja even after the course has ended. Pooja has been so helpful already
and during this time of Covid and being in lockdown whilst being pregnant for the first time, having
her support has been invaluable. We would definitely recommend her to anyone!

- Kajal & Vinay

Pooja is so knowledgeable and a real expert in her field. Her enthusiasm and passion really comes across during the sessions which leaves you as the learner feeling confident and empowered. I was feeling nervous and anxious about labour however since doing this course my mindset and perspective has certainly shifted and I have a positive outlook. The course provides so many golden nuggets that as a couple you can start implementing and what's nice is we can ask Pooja any questions after the course too. I would highly recommend this course to any new first time parents!

- Ushma and Paresh

We really enjoyed all of the sessions, and it's honestly helped me feel so much calmer, in control and informed than we were 4 weeks ago! I struggle with the unknowns and Tom didn't know what was to come- by attending the classes we feel you have given us a great insight into these unknowns and a better understanding of how to manage different situations! Having Pooja guide us through so many aspects and ways of managing with change and keeping calm has been invaluable! Thank you so much for helping on this journey- we would highly recommend you to everyone! Thank you again.

- Emily & Tom

I cannot thank Pooja enough! She was amazing and the hypnobirthing course helped us more than we imagined. I feel as a first time mum- to- be it has given me a wealth of knowledge and confidence which I do not believe I would have gained without this course and without Pooja's knowledge base and expertise. She had equipped us with skills and knowledge which have been hugely helpful in our journey. She's fun and made the course interactice and enjoyable. She really makes you feel comforted and informed and her style of teaching definitely leaves you knowing you are in safe hands! I couldn't recommend her enough and we both feel lucky to have her support our first birthing experience! We are now really excited for labour and birth and to meet our baby!

- Marina & Karl



I had started some mindfulness prior to this pregnancy and found the benefit of it so knew when hypnobirthing was for us (I just needed to convert my partner!). I didn't even need to do the converting as Pooja was welcoming of my partner's skepticism and supported us both not only to understand the process but the importance of our roles and how we could keep control of any situation. The course was informative with lots of tips along the way, and Pooja is just lovely and so friendly. From booking to her delivering the resources in person, the online resource page and even her support once the course finished has been invaluable! We could not have found a better teacher. Thank you so much again! 

- Michelle & Rhys

Pooja and her course were exactly what we needed to understand how we could reduce our nerves and anxiety about birth and change our mindset about birth. The course was more than what we expected! Pooja went into all the details of each stage and gave us lots of tips, tools and techniques to take back which have been really useful! We didn't even know we could do half the things she informed us about and now we feel more in control. She has a lovely flow and is very warm- you instantly feel at ease and calm with her around. Thank you Pooja! We feel so empowered for baby's birth!

- Charlotte & Sam


Coming from a medical background ourselves, we felt that we were exposed to a lot of negativity around birth which we wanted to change. This was our first baby and we wanted to make sure we could do everything in our hands to make this an enjoyable experience. Pooja provided a really informative antenatal course with all the additional tools and techniques of hypnobirthing that has completely changed our outlook on labour and birth! In fact, we just shut down any negative comments that come our way because we know how it can affect our mindset. Thank you for giving us the confidence to know our options and that we can say NO! We honestly cannot thank you enough Pooja, we couldn't do it without you.

- Vaishali and Manish

Pooja is an incredible hypnobirthing teacher who genuinely cares. She is always there to answer any questions or support you through any last minute wobbles which is so lovely as we know we are always being respected! This course has completely equipped us for our baby's birth and we feel fully prepared to manage any situation put in front of us! We have learnt that we can enjoy it and that we have a lot of control in our hands which is something we both weren't aware of. Thank you so much for this amazing course Pooja.

- Hannah & Adam



The best part of the course was that Pooja covers EVERYTHING! Literally everything. Even things you don't think of and the small tips/ hacks are just the added bonus. The course is a full 360 and Pooja doesn't leave any stone unturned. She works with you to understand the process and the roles you play to support the stages of labour and birth which is amazing. She made the course enjoyable and provided ample information with enough time for questions that we felt fully informed and excited at the end! We couldn't recommend Pooja and her hypnobirthing course enough.

- Charlotte & Chris

Pooja is absolutely amazing, she completely changed mine and my partners outlook on labour for the better and I could not be more grateful. Before the sessions had began, I was really nervous and wanted to bury my head in the sand about the thought of giving birth. Everytime it was mentioned, I would go into a state of panic at have frequent anxiety attacks about the thought of giving birth. My partner felt exactly the same and after doing the hypnobirthing course with Pooja, our outlook and mindset is completely different and for the better. The wealth of knowledge and experience she has given us has made is feel really prepared and even looking forward to the day!! We feel at ease and her help and advice on preparation is making the day feel like it will be a special moment where we can actually look forward to bringing our son into the world. Her help does not stop there as she is still at hand if ever I need a question answering or some reassurance and we could not recommend her enough! Such a fantastic teacher and such a beautiful experience to learn about such a natural thing that we are conditioned to feel so scared about. Thank you so much Pooja! 

- Nisha & Ian

We highly recommend Pooja and the hypnobirthing course! We did the complete hypnobirthing course and feel so much more prepared for labour, birth and after.

The course was informative and engaging. It’s helped to remove any anxieties and has given us a good understanding of tools and techniques such as the breathing exercises needed for a calm birth.

And it was clear Pooja truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to ensure we get the most from the course. She’s also been available to answer any questions even after the course ended.

Whether you are a new mum to be or have had a negative birthing experience previously I would highly recommend getting in touch with Pooja.

- Sutej & Manisha

This course has been so invaluable and really shown us how to work together to bring our daughter into the world. It was nothing as we had imaged, but in fact super informative and lots of resources to help us in our journey. Knowing how the body works to what we can do in preparation for labour and birth has been great and also given us something to do together as we look forward to meeting our daughter. Highly recommend Pooja to any expectant parents! With her you are definately in safe hands.

- Joelle & Duncan

We would highly recommend Pooja and these amazing hypnobirthing classes. We did the short course later in my pregnancy. Everything we learned really did help us have a calm and special birthing experience.

The relaxation techniques we learned really helped at the beginning of labour. We had a very quite labour lasting only 3 hours and as it started so quickly and very intensely I was a little panicked to start. My husband knowing his part in the labour and how to help me relax meant we went on to have a really special moment bringing our daughter into the world. It also meant the he felt included in the experience and what his role was.

I also suffered with some anxiety during my pregnancy and the relaxation really helped on the run up to the birth. If you are feeling like this the hypnobirthing classes may really help you.

Pooja even visited us at home after the birth to check in and ensure we were all doing ok and to offer even more support, so the help doesn’t stop once the baby is here. We really can’t express how grateful we are to her for helping us become parents to a calm and happy baby girl.

- Sophie & Ross

My husband and i attended Pooja’s hypnobirthing course. We went in being open minded but also very unaware of what to expect as first time parents. It was incredible, the course itself was packed full of information, evidence, research, stories of other’s experiences and space to think and ask questions. Pooja demonstrated all she was sharing, had an abundance of knowledge, was incredibly warm and inviting and allowed curiosity and conversation to naturally take place. What has been especially helpful is following the end of the course Pooja provides ‘aftercare’ essentially continues to check in and remain in touch as a way of supporting parents and reminding them of their roles and strengths as each couple welcomes their child into the world and after. I would recommend Pooja and her course to every parent, it is less about needing the information and more about the position and lens through which hypnobirthing is taught. I went from being apprehensive, worried and unsure to now feeling confident and looking forward to the birth of our child knowing I am able to do this. Thank you for everything.

- Rupal & Sorab

Pooja was so welcoming and accommodating to our own personal needs. She has great knowledge regarding all things pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Her support has been invaluable and we highly recommend her to others.

- Annie & Chris

I attended Poojas baby and me postnatal class last month, it was enlightening and I believe every mum should go on this course, poojas relaxations and tips have enabled me to be a better mum and understand that it's ok for me to step back and have some me time, my only negative feedback is I wish I could of had more sessions.

- Naomi


I cannot recommend this class enough! There is so much on pregnancy and birth but not much postnatally, they forget to tell us mums how to put ourselves back together afterwards! Poojas postnatal course helped me beyond my expectations. What a wonderful and empowering class that helped me understand my postnatal/parenting anxieties and gave me amazing tips to carry on this crazy, wonderful journey of motherhood. Pooja you are doing a wonderful job, thank you so much! This class really should be prescribed to all new mums!! And I must mention the sensory experience that my baby got out of this each week, something to keep her entertained whilst us mums could relax into this class.

- Becky

I did the Mumma & Me course which helped me on a very personal level as I’d been through a tough time so really appreciated the support and safe space to discuss complex issues. Pooja is a kind and gentle soul who offers wise words to help us reflect and feel peaceful as new mums. Beautiful guided meditations and help with holding baby if needed so that we can have some time out would recommend for all parents.

- Kate

This was a Fantastic and informative course! We both really enjoyed it.
Being first time parents we were totally new to what to expect in our birthing journey. What you see on tv and media about birthing is not what this course is about- it’s all about being in control, being fully informed, knowledgeable and planning for all eventualities so that you know what to expect.

We went from being nervous and unprepared to now feeling positive.

The course content and all the resources provided by Pooja are fantastic, from the flash cards, course notes and relaxation techniques.

Pooja is on hand and available to answer any queries you have throughout the entire pregnancy and birth journey. She constantly reassures us that she is here for us and is always only a phone call away.
It’s very comforting to feel so supported.

If you are pregnant we would definitely recommend Pooja’s course to you all.

Thank you very much Pooja for all your help and support.

- Nilam & Dilun

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