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Mystri Mumma's hypnobirthing course aims to empower and support you to understand your body, your baby so you can make informed choices for your birth- no matter what turns your birthing journey may take. My classes are informal, relaxed and tailored to support you in your birthing journey. Just as no two individuals are the same, no two births are the same and so our aims are:

  • To reduce your fears, worries and anxieties around birth.

  • To educate you of the labour and birth process so you feel confident, empowered and prepared.

  • To remind you to feel excited about the birth of your baby.

  • To support you to know your roles in the labour and birth process.

  • To support you to have an open mind.


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Vaginal Birth

Water Birth

Land Birth

Home Birth

Instrumental Assisted Birth

Planned Caesarean Birth

Emergency Caesarean Birth

1st Birth

Subsequent Birth


We've got you covered no matter how you give life



Plan A, B & C

Mystri Mumma Hypnobirthing educates you in all forms of birth, so you are aware of what is involved and what you can ask for to still experience a positive birth. Whether you choose to give birth in the hospital, birth centre or at home; whether you have a water birth, assisted delivery or a caesarean section, we give you the information so you feel confident and prepared should things change from your birth plan. 

The Birthing Body & Baby

What do the uterine muscles actually do? How does baby come down the birth canal? What is the cervix? How do I know I'm in labour? A lot of theses questions come up for women and with our course; Mystri Mumma Hypnobirthing provides videos, talks through information & demonstrations to give you a better understanding of what to expect and how to manage different scenarios.


The Practicals

What do I pack in my birth bag? What do I take for baby? Are there ways to naturally induce labour? It can all feel a bit overwhelming (especially when you have lots of people giving you their input from their experiences). I understand that every individual is different and so give you information that you can use in your own time. Mystri Mumma Hypnobirthing covers all the birth practicals including exercises, plans and options to consider so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Breathing Techniques

Mystri Mumma Hypnobirthing breathing techniques are targeted to support you through the different stages of labour. The way you breathe (and it is so important to do so) helps you remain calm/ relaxed and continues the oxygen flow to your baby. The different breathing techniques aid you to manage early and active labour as well as the "pushing" stage. 

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Birth Partner

The Birth Partner has such a big role that we have dedicated time in the course to support them to understand how they can bond with baby in pregnancy and support you during childbirth. Mystri Mumma Hypnobirthing provides the birthing partner with all the tools and knowledge to be able to support you during your labour and birth. From understanding the importance of language & environment to advocating and building on the right hormones, Mystri Mumma Hypnobirthing gives the whole tool kit for a great partnership!

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4th Trimester

Know what to expect in the early days with a newborn and understand the Fourth Trimester so you can enjoy your new family. Mystri Mumma Hypnobirthing covers the practicals, i.e. nappies, bathing, playing etc but also look at other aspects including but not limited to breast/ bottle feeding and colic/ reflux. I also give extensive information on Perinatal Metal Health for both parents so should you require further support you know where to access the right support for you.


Hypnobirthing is a full comprehensive antenatal course educating you about labour and birth, your birth rights as well as tools and techniques to manage any turns your journey may take.


The recommended time to start a hypnobirthing course is between 20- 30 weeks gestation.

Personally, I don't believe it's ever too early nor too late!

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