I'm a mum of 2 hypnoboys and the founder of Mystri Mumma. I come from a background of Early Years and Perinatal Mental Health which highlighted the lack of education available for expectant parents and support for new parents. 

From my years of professional experience and also being a mumma myself, I value the journey from Pregnancy to Parenthood immensely. I believe everyone should have the best start in this chapter. I'm so passionate about what I do and want to share my knowledge, give you all the tools, techniques and tricks to support your journey. For me it's about:

You both matter

I strongly believe in the power of partnership! As I have found as being a parent, it really is about teamwork, which is why I actively involve and support both parents in my Hypnobirthing courses and Parent Baby classes. I tailor make the course to ease your role; give you the tools so you don't have to worry about researching- you just do the practicing! I always welcome questions (and I definitely love working with skeptical birth partners as part of my Hypnobirthing courses- it gives me such great satisfaction seeing mindsets change and that "eureka" moment! It means my job is done!)

You only birth your baby once, and you only have those early days for a short period of time. The way in which we manage ourselves depends on our outlook to the process to begin with. Although we may strive for perfection, the idea around a "perfect birth and baby" is just that- an idea. The more we learn about the process, our body and strategies that can help us in our journeys the more we can reflect on it being a positive experience. This is what I aim to help you in achieving

Why did I choose to be a Calm Births Hypnobirthing Tutor

Anyone who knows me personally, knows how much I like to be in control. When I found about my pregnancy, I knew I couldn't control when my baby would come, but hypnobirthing helped me to stay in control of my mind, which allowed me to influence how I gave birth. I chose to teach hypnobirthing to spread the word of positive births and reduce the fear and negativity behind it.

Many new parents- to- be experience a rush of excitement when they find out about their pregnancy. This soon turns to fear when they think of the labour and birth process. Parents- to- be are faced with many horror birth stories from others and walk into birth as a traumatic and scary experience. The loss of control or the feeling of not knowing what is happening can lead to new parents feeling exposed and vulnerable which can lead to birth trauma and negative birth experiences.


When you feel prepared, educated and know what to ask so you remain in control of your birth you are filled with confidence and empowerment; the main ethos behind hypnobirthing.


I would like everyone to have a positive experience of birth. The Calm Births course gave me the techniques to achieve the birth I wanted and also helped my husband through the experience. Hypnobirthing teaches you breathing techniques that last a lifetime and it has really helped me to remain calm into and beyond the 4th trimester. 


Why choose Mystri Mumma?

With over 9 years of experience working with pregnant parents and early years, I not only support you to understand your body during labour and birth, but go on to help you in your parenting journey. I genuienly care about your well being and will do everything I can to help you have the best possible experience of birth and parenting by offering you tools and techniques that not only help you for the period of birth but can aid you later in life. As a Perinatal Practitioner, I also understand the emotional effects for new parents and am able to guide you without judgement and with care so you feel confident and supported to know where you can seek more help from, should you require it. My job doesn't stop after the course, I am always happy to help and answer questions over the phone (even if you're baby is one and you've returned back to work.) With Mystri Mumma you will never be alone, because we understand, it takes a village to raise a baby.