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This is my crazy bunch; and I wouldn't have it any other way.


My husband, Hemant, is my backbone. Without his love and support I wouldn't have had the birth experiences I've had. He is also my designer, sounding pillow and biggest supporter.

My eldest, Shyam, is the reason I found Hypnobirthing and became a Calm Births Hypnobirthing Teacher. He opened my eyes to a world I'm so thankful for.

My youngest, Veer, gave me the confidence to be able to support as many couples out there achieve their positive births and have a positive parenting journey.




I am an only child and come from a family where I witnessed the mental load of fertility issues, miscarriages and stillbirths.

I come from a culture who puts medical professionals on a pedestal and would not think of challenging them (even if we felt they were wrong).

Medicalised horror birth stories is what I was exposed to and it wasn't until I found hypnobirthing that I was able to change my mindset and go on to help others to learn how to be in control of their births and achieve a positive, calm birth.


I have over 10 years experience as a Early Years professional, 8 of which have been Perinatal Mental Health specific.

My knowledge and experience highlighted the lack of support for couples in birth education and postnatal care, COVID19 making this even more sparse. 

I am 100% invested in you when you attend my classes. I hold and support you until you feel ready and confident to carry on in your journey.


YOU, to put it simply. I chose to teach hypnobirthing to spread the word of positive births and reduce the fear and negativity behind it and help you create a beautiful memory you will celebrate each year!

Many new parents- to- be experience a rush of excitement when they find out about their pregnancy. This soon turns to fear when they think of the labour and birth process. Parents- to- be are faced with many horror birth stories from others and walk into birth as a traumatic and scary experience. The loss of control or the feeling of not knowing what is happening can lead to new parents feeling exposed and vulnerable which can lead to birth trauma and negative birth experiences.

When you feel prepared, educated and know what to ask so you remain in control of your birth you are filled with confidence and empowerment; the main ethos behind hypnobirthing.

I would like everyone to have a positive experience of birth. Hypnobirthing gave me the techniques to achieve the birth I wanted and also helped my husband through the experience. Hypnobirthing teaches you breathing techniques that last a lifetime and it has really helped me to remain calm into and beyond the 4th trimester. 


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