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Booking Terms and Conditions

By booking onto a Mystri Mumma Course, you agree to the following:

1.Commencement and Duration.

These terms and conditions come into force on the date of this agreement and, subject to earlier termination, shall continue for the length of time that the client uses Mystri Mumma services, resources and materials.


2. Obligations of Mystri Mumma.

2.1. To provide appropriate teaching of the Mystri Mumma Hypnobirthing course as laid out in the course syllabus with accompanying Mp3s, on the times and dates agreed with The Client (you).

2.2. Mystri Mumma will not offer any clinical advice, any advice given is anecdotal. Any medical advice must be sought by The Client (you) from a relevant medical professional.

2.3. Mystri Mumma will provide reminders for any information and payments due before implementing any administrative fees for delays.


3. Obligations of The Client (you).

3.1. To attend each class on the dates and times previously agreed with Mystri Mumma. Any classes missed will not be refunded, except in extenuating circumstances. Mystri Mumma reserves the right to assess this on an individual basis.


3.2. To undertake any homework set by Mystri Mumma in each session.

3.3. By booking onto a course, The Client (you) agrees that Mystri Mumma holds no responsibility for the outcome of The Clients (your) birth and/ or parenting experience.


4. Payment & Cancellations

4.1. The £50 deposit for any Hypnobirthing course must be paid at the time of booking to secure your place. This deposit payment is non- refundable.

4.2. Full payment for any Hypnobirthing course must be made by The Client (you) for the course 7 days prior to course commencement. If this payment has not been made, the Client (you) risk losing your booking and deposit payment. Once a full payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent with a password to the "family portal" and thereafter no refund will be given.

4.3. The Client (you) acknowledges that there will be an accruement administrative charge of £10 a day for any late payments. Late payment is defined as any time after the date and time given for last payment. If you do not pay this additional administrative fee, you risk losing your deposit and booking. Any late payments made withing 48 hours of the commencement of a course incur an additional £50 administrative charge additional to the £10/ a day charge. Mystri Mumma holds the right to offer The Clients (your) booking to another in this late payment period and The Client understands they risk looking their booking and deposit payment.

4.4. Should The Client (you) have a legitimate reason for the late payment, evidence needs to be provided to Mystri Mumma and Mystri Mumma reserves the right to assess this on an individual basis. 

4.5. If The Client (you) wishes to transfer to another Hypnobirthing, Mini Massage, Mini Movement, Massage & Mindfulness, Story Massage, Parent Nurture or Starting Solids course a written request must be made 14 days prior to course commencement. Mystri Mumma has the right to request an additional payment or an earlier payment for the course and should the Client (you) not comply, The Client (you) risks losing your deposit and place on the course.

4.6. The Client (you) accepts loss of any payments made to Mystri Mumma if there is baby is born part way through a course and if you are over 36 weeks gestation. If baby is born prior to 36 weeks, Mystri Mumma reserves the right to assess this on an individual basis and will provide information with regards to a refund.

4.7. Full payment for Mini Massage, Mini Movement, Massage & Mindfulness, Story Massage, Parent Nurture, Starting Solids, Bubba's & Cuppa's and any Mystri Events must be made at the time of booking. If The Client (you) choose to cancel your space on a Mini Massage, Mini Movement, Massage & Mindfulness Story Massage, Parent Nurture, Starting Solids Course or any Mystri Events, this must be done 14 days prior to commencement of the course in written form for a refund. If The Client (you) choose to cancel your space on a Mini Massage, Mini Movement, Massage & Mindfulness, Story Massage, Parent Nurture, Starting Solids Courseor any Mystri Events within the 14 days prior to commencement of the course/ session, no refund will be given.

If The Client (you) or your baby/ies become unwell and are unable to attend the course/ session booked, no refund will be given. Mystri Mumma can explore the option to transfer to another course/ session if there is availability, however, The Client (you) accept there is no guarantee with this option and there may be an administrative charge applicable. The credit can not be transferred to another person.

Parent Illness – Covid19; If The Client (you) have developed a new cough, or high temperature or any Covid19 symptoms the Client (you) must adhere to government guidelines. Mystri Mumma cannot offer a refund for a lesson missed due to illness.


Termination due to force Majeure events: If any of the following occur, face to face classes will continue via an online platform or a full years access will be given to learn with Mystri Mumma at Home. If these are not suitable, credit notes will be given for the balance, this is the same for; Natural disasters, including flood, earthquake, wind, storm or other natural disaster; pandemic, threat of or preparation for epidemic, pandemic, or similar mass viral contagion risk.

The Client (you) accepts any financial and loss for not being able to attend the course/ session.

4.8. In the instance of a cancellation by Mystri Mumma, The Client (you) shall receive an option to transfer to another course/ session or a refund.


5. Doula- Birth

5.1. As a doula, Mystri Mumma will accompany women/ couples through their birth preparations and assist them during labour, birth and bonding. Mystri Mumma also supports the new family in the first weeks after birth. Mystri Mumma does not give medical advice, nor undertakes examinations or performs any other clinical task. Mystri Mumma cannot make decisions for The Client (you).


Mystri Mumma draws on evidence based knowledge and experience, to provide The Client (you) with emotional support and physical comfort. If the need arises, Mystri Mumma can help you communicate with your midwife and medical care givers to ensure that The Client (you) have all the information The Client (you) needs to make informed decisions during pregnancy, labour, bonding and early parenting. Mystri Mumma can provide continuum of care for The Client (you) and birth partner, make suggestions for planning and preparing birth and bonding environment and building rapport with midwives and medical attendants.


Mystri Mumma can make suggestions for labour progress, help with relaxation, positioning and other comfort measures. Mystri Mumma can safeguard your bonding period and is available for consultation after your baby is born. Mystri Mumma does not come between The Client (you) and birth partner but rather supports you both.


5.2. Mystri Mumma will meet with The Client/s (you/ and your partner) before labour. The meetings will be a tailored  hypnobirthing and antenatal package, also used to explore and discuss your priorities, any fears or concerns, the physiology of birth and to plan how to best work together.



Mystri Mumma and  The Client/s (you/ and your partner) will look at your birth preparations and Mystri Mumma can acquaint you with some of the comfort measures found helpful in the past. At this time, Mystri Mumma will emphasise how The Client/s (you/ and your partner) can work together. Mystri Mumma will need to become familiar with your birth preferences and also know The Client's (your) natural coping mechanisms and how The Client's (your) birth partner and Mystri Mumma could help with these. Mystri Mumma will keep in touch by texting, Whatsapp- ing, phoning and/ or e-mailing on a regular basis to see how things are progressing.


Mystri Mumma will be on call for The Client (you) 10 days prior to your estimated due date until your baby is born.


Mystri Mumma can work with a back-up doula and if any emergency, or an unexpected early birth, prevents Mystri Mumma from coming to The Client immediately, the back- up doula will attend until Mystri Mumma is available.

In the instance of a elective caesarean birth, Mystri Mumma will be present prior to the birth and will remain with The Client (you) until in recovery. Support post birth in recovery is provided my Mystri Mumma on an individual basis.

Covid-19- If Mystri Mumma, or another member of Mystri Mumma household has Covid-19 or has been in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case, a back-up doula will attend. If The Client (you) or a member of your household has a confirmed case of Covid-19, Mystri Mumma will provide virtual support.

5.3. Mystri Mumma requires The Client/s (you/ and your partner) to call  immediately (at any hour of the day!) when it is  believed  that The Client (you) may be going into or are already in labour. After assessing the situation over the phone, Mystri Mumma and The Client/s (you/ and your partner) will decide together on the best course of action.




Except for extraordinary circumstances, Mysti Mumma will remain with The Client/s (you/ and your partner) throughout labour, birth and bonding. If The Client/s (you/ and your partner) transfer from home to hospital or within the hospital, Mystri Mumma will do my very best to stay with The Client (you). Mystri Mumma can help with the initial feeding if you need some support.



5.4. Mystri Mumma will keep brief records including your name, address and contact details. Mystri Mumma will keep notes of meetings, discussions and a brief summary of The Client's (your) birth. Mystri Mumma will keep this information secure and not pass it on to any other organisation. Mystri Mumma considers this information to be highly sensitive and will treat it accordingly.

5.5. Mystri Mumma will make every effort to provide the services described in this contract. It may be that external circumstances may limit Mystri Mumma's availability (for example rapid labour). If failure to attend The Client's (your) birth is due to Mystri Mumma's misjudgement or unavailability, only the deposit is payable.




5.6. Mystri Mumma's fees are to be paid in the following pattern:

First Instalment:

One third of full fee (Deposit) to be paid at the time of booking. This is non- refundable.

Second Instalment:

One third of full fee to be paid at latest 10 days prior to estimated due date or elective caesarean date. (If elective caesarean date in given prior to Mystri Mumma being on call, the second instalment is due before the elective caesarean date.)

Third Instalment:

One third of full fee to be paid at latest 10 days post birth.

If you require additional visits, my fee is £40 per hour. 

The full fee is applicable for all modes of birth (including elective caesarean birth).

If The Client/s (you/ and your partner) cancel this contract less than six weeks before the estimated due date, the full fee applies.

6. This agreement, together with any documents referred to in it, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties relating to its subject matter and supersedes any prior drafts, agreements, undertakings, representations, warranties and arrangements of any nature, whether in writing or oral, relating to such subject matter.

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