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When do I start Hypnobirthing?

There isn't really a generic "right time", it's what's right for you. As a teacher, I would suggest any time between 20- 30 weeks to allow you enough time to start practicing the tools and techniques we go through in class. However, if you have found out about Hypnobirthing in you latter stages of pregnancy that is also fine (I did a crash course at 35 weeks!) The choice is yours, my job is to support you in your birthing journey. Remember- it's never too early and never too late.

If you're not sure which course or option is best for you, join me for one of my taster classes for more detail to make the right choice for you.

My partner won't be into...

Most partner's are skeptical to start with if I'm being honest- yours won't be the first (and certainly not my last!) It is fine to question things, I would just want you to ask your partner 1 thing before you rule out booking a course because they're not into it- Who is birthing the baby?

I like a challenge with changing mindset's of partners as they usually come to the course with a preconcieved idea that I will be putting you under a spell (which I won't of course; if I could do that I would be sipping away pinna colada's on my private beach but that's not happening is it!) 

If they're still in 2 minds, just pop along to a taster with them and I'll show them the science, research and evidence that proves Hypnobirthing works!



Can't I just read a book?

The simple answer is yes. Of course you can, but can you ask a book questions? How do you know you are practicing the tools and techniques correctly? And will your partner read the book?

When you read a book you only retain 10% of the information. When you attend a course with a professional live you retain 90% of the information. Why? because you are involved, you are talking, reading, doing exercises and having FUN! When you are enjoying something you will naturally pick up more! This is why we provide our interactive course but also provide you the Calm Births book to give you the full 100% for your positive birthing experience.

It's just about breathing right?

Wrong. Yes there are breathing techniques and we discuss them in more detail to show how they can help the birthing process but what we also do is help to change your mindset- this is key! Without this as your foundation, you cannot build on the other elements (including the breathing techniques).

Hypnobirthing teaches you how to change perceptions, to have a positive outlook on birth and to remain in control of your birthing journey. Did you know you hold the power in your birth not the professionals? This means you can ask questions, decline anything and be confident to know you are the one in charge. Hypnobirthing gives you insight into lots of different things to consider for different births so you make the call regardless of your birthing path.

It's just for home/ "natural"/ water births...

Nope! It is for all types of births. We cover absolutely everything so you feel prepared for any birthing journey. Unfortunately neither I nor anyone else has a magical crystal ball to foresee your birth, which is why I cover all aspects of birth and different birthing journey's so you can still make informed choices to know what is right for you in the moment. Remember knowledge is power here!

It's sounds "hippy"

I get it- I really do. Both me and my husband felt a little like this to start with, but when you do the course (in fact the first session) you will see there is science and evidence behind it! It all makes sense. It doesn't promote giving birth with no labour relief but gives you insight into pro's con's and an understanding of your options so you know what to expect and how to handle situations.

What if it doesn't work for me?

What if it does? If you walk in with a negative attitude, you are automatically shutting of information that can be useful to you. It will only work if you have an open mind and are accepting of the information. This doesn't mean you cannot challenge or question anything you are taught during classes but actually means you have opportunities to learn how to remain calm, confident and in control of your birth. Also- what have you got to lose? 

Will my midwife be on board?

Yes she will (and if she isn't you can always request to have another midwife). Remember it's not about you gaining their permission, it's about you giving the permission. 

But it's my second/ subsequent pregnancy...

Of course you can (I've had someone come to me with baby number 8). Don't let history repeat itself, if you had a negative experience previously then this is your opportunity to take back the control. Own your birth! You'll remember is forever so it's definitely worth investing in.

It's only for those who don't want "pain" relief...

Nope. The course is for ANYONE and EVERYONE. The main ethos behind Hypnobirthing is to give you the information about all the options available so you can decide what is right for you. We do not promote one birthing journey- it makes no sense; not one size fits all! We cater for everything so you know you are make the choices you are happy and comfortable with.

Does an antenatal Hypnobirthing class really matter?

Would you attend your wedding without any planning/ research? Would you go on holiday without doing any homework? No. So why go into one of the biggest events of your life without any preparation? It makes zero sense?! You will remember the day you birthed your baby forever, make sure it's a positive one!

What's the difference between Hypnobirthing and a general antenatal course?

Hypnobirthing does everything an antenatal course does but with more information about how to use the information to make informed choices for your birth, by knowing your rights! Also we focus a lot more on labour management rather than labour relief as well as support with exercises and how to write your birth plan etc.

I have a planned caesarean, can I still hypnobirth?

Of course! Regardless of whether you have an elective or an emergency caesarean, the breathing techniques we cover can be practiced for both vaginal and caesarean births. Everyone is welcome. If you would like a private Caesarean course please contact me.

What if I have to have an induction?

You can still use the breathing techniques we teach you as part of the course to help you through each surge. As inductions are an artificial method to bring on surges, they may be more intense than natural surges. Here is a great blog by our Calm Births Founder, Hannah Barnes, about the induction process.

Who is a birth partner?

A birth partner could be anyone you want. Your spouse, a family member, a friend, a doula. The list is endless. Whoever you feel comfortable with and would like to have by your side during birth is your birthing partner.

Hypnobirthing promises a pain- free birth...

I don't make false promises as pain is subjective. We discuss pain management rather than the idea of "getting rid of it."

Have a question that's not been answered here? Drop me a message and I will be happy to help.


Hypnobirthing is a full comprehensive antenatal course educating you about labour and birth, your birth rights as well as tools and techniques to manage any turns your journey may take.


Hypnobirthing is for anyone and everyone. Our course covers vaginal births, inductions and caesarean births. It also covers the Birth Partner's role in detail so you feel fully supported.

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