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A doula is someone who provides continuity of care throughout your journey from bump, birth and with baby.

As your Doula, I am your biggest cheerleader and support you and your birth partner in your journey to meet your baby. I provide unconditional and non- judgemental support with balanced and evidenced based information so you can make informed choices for your birth preference.

By welcoming me as your Doula, I am a part of your birth team, which means I am on your side. I know you and understand your wishes but also have understandings of the policies and procedures. I will never make a decision for you, nor will I advise you on what to do. I help you feel confident and empowered to make these choices yourself!



People choose to hire doulas for many reasons, maybe they live far from family, they may be single parents, they may have had a traumatic experience when birthing their previous child.  However, the one thing they have in common is the need for a little extra support and the desire to create the best possible environment for birthing their baby. As your doula I can offer that support along with the ability to create a safe environment in which you will be able to trust in your body's ability to birth your baby.



Research has shown that having a doula with you through childbirth can:

  • Shorten the length for labour by 25%

  • Reduce the need for pain relief by 30%

  • Reduce epidural requests by 60%

  • Decrease caesarean section rate by 50%

  • Enhance the birth experience for both mother and father

  • ​Increase the likelihood of successful breastfeeding



I work alongside your partner providing support for them too, reassuring them along the way so that they, in turn, can support you better. 

Birth partners may have little or no knowledge about birth, medical procedures, or what goes on in a hospital and why would they... this is not their role.


It is also likely that they really love you! As doulas we love all our clients, but not in the same way as a romantic partner or as a parent this is great for you as it means that we still want the very best for you but we can remain objective and give balanced information.



  • Provides continuity of care

  • Provide up- to- date information

  • Remain impartial

  • Supports you

  • Supports your birth partner

  • Provide evidence based care

  • Advocate your wishes

  • Present information in a neutral and balanced way

  • Sounding board & voice of reasoning

  • Helps you through your birth preferences

  • Suggests positions for labour and birth

  • Gives a good massage!

  • Feed, hydrate and nurtures you

  • Supports breastfeeding

  • Cooks for you (you provide the ingredients)

  • Watches baby whilst you catch up on sleep

  • Helps you go shopping/ get out the house

  • An extra pair of hands

Basically... I have your back!


7th June 2021 Veers birth- Lumiere Photography-154.jpg


  • Free initial "getting to know each other" meeting

  • 2 Antenatal Sessions (1- 2 hours each). This is tailored to your needs. If you have done no antenatal education, we will focus on this. If you have completed an Hypnobirthing or other antenatal course, we will use this time to explore your options and birth preferences. This is done with your partner.

  • Ongoing WhatsApp, text, email and phone support.

  • Additional sessions dependent on needs, e.g. supporting at appointments*

  • On call from 10 days prior to your EDD

  • Continuous support in labour and birth

  • 1 postnatal session to debrief your birth experience and provide any emotional support (upto 2 hours)

  • A welcome kit

*(Additional sessions incur an additional fee and Mystri Mumma reserves the rights to assess this on an individual basis.)


**(On call requirements or baby's due between

19 December- 3 January incur an additional fee of £1000)


Suitable if you have found me at a later stage in your pregnancy or if you have a change in circumstances.

  • Free initial "getting to know each other" phone call

  • 1 antenatal session to discuss birth preferences (1- 2 hours)

  • Ongoing WhatsApp, text, email and phone support.

  • Continuous support in labour and birth

  • 1 postnatal session to debrief your birth experience and provide any emotional support (upto 2 hours)


**(On call requirements or baby's due between

19 December- 3 January incur an additional fee of £1000)

7th June 2021 Veers birth- Lumiere Photography-112.jpg


minimum duration of a visit is 2 hours

  • Free initial "getting to know each other" phone call

  • Postnatal visits distributed to suit your needs (inclusive but not limited to: helping around the house, looking after baby while you and/ or partner nap/ shower have some time for self- care, helping with older siblings, making meals (ingredients provided by you), supporting your feeding choices, listening to you and your needs, getting out of the house/ shopping etc. 

  • Suitable for adoptive parents also

  • Flexibility in visits to suit over weeks or months.

£300 (10 hrs)
£575 (20 hrs)


What are you interested in?

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medical professional. It is then your responsibility to ask your medical professional any clinical questions before you make a choice about accepting or declining any intervention. My role as your doula is to support your choices and wishes as best possible.

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