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Antenatal Class Leicester Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is an childbirth education course that teaches you pain management to use during labour and birth. Hypnobirthing combines education of the human body (more so the uterine muscles) with visualisations, relaxations and breathing techniques to remain calm and in control of your birth. Hypnobirthing teaches you and your birth partner self- hypnosis tools to practice in pregnancy and use during childbirth. This being said, you will not be under a trance but in a state of deep relaxation where you can work with your body and baby as a team to enjoy the experience of birth, no matter what turns your birthing journey may take.

Hypnobirthing reduces fears and anxieties around labour and birth by giving teaching you all aspects around birth so you can feel confident, empowered and prepared for your baby's arrival. Basically, Hypnobirthing gives you the knowledge you need to make informed choices that are right for you, your body and baby. 


Is Hypnobirthing right for me?

If you're growing a baby in your uterus well the it's definitely for you!

But if you are experiencing any of the following it may be particularly    more beneficial for you:

  • Feeling anxious about labour and childbirth

  • You are a natural 'planner' so the idea of the unknown is unsettling for you

  • You have had a previous negative birth experience

  • Your Birth Partner does not know how they 'fit' into the process

  • You would like to understand how to manage the pain naturally but also know what your pain relief options are

  • You would like to know what all births involve in case your birth takes different turns

  • You would like to make the right choice for you, your body and your baby.

Evidence that Hypnobirthing works

Statistics from the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust showed that hypnobirthing women (vs. non- hypnobirthing women) had:

  • higher rates of ‘vaginal birth’ (84% vs 64%)

  • lower rates of cesarean (8% vs 25%)

  • lower rates of assisted delivery (8% vs 11%)

REF: Angela Lycett, Parent Education Midwife, Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust, as shared at Turning the Tide, Choosing to Offer Hypnobirthing as a Service at The Royal College of Medicine, 2012. 

The Royal College of Midwives has published guidance for midwives on how to support hypnobirthing. They state that “hypnobirthing can diminish or completely eliminate the ‘fear-tension-pain’ syndrome”.

REF: Royal College of Midwives – How to Support Hypnobirthing, 2014.

The British Medical Association reports that ‘self-hypnosis is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth’.

REF: British Medical Association – Medical use of Hypnotism, British Medical Journal, 1955, volume I, 190-193.

A review of evidence found hypnosis during childbirth:

  • decreases the need for pharmacological pain relief in labour, including epidurals

  • reduces augmentation of labour

  • increases spontaneous vaginal birth.

REF: Cochrane review, Smith et al, 2006.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence states that women who choose to use hypnosis during childbirth should be supported in doing so (2014).


When we are fearful and anxious about anything, we produce a hormone called adrenaline. It is great for many things and is there to protect it, however during childbirth it almost does the complete opposite. What we need to do is break the cycle of fear and replace this with positive and happy hormones: oxytocin and endorphins. Have you ever thought, "how do animals do it?" Mammals trust their body and trust in the process, yet we are stuck in a negative cycle of fear. Hypnobirthing teaches you how to use your Brains: Benefits   Risks   Alternatives   Instincts   Nothing   Smile, to help be in control.

"I allow my body and mind to relax"

Allow your conscious mind to switch off, your "thinking brain". Let your subconscious take over and believe your can do what nature intended for you. Break free from "I want" and replace it with "I am open to learning different ways to give life."

Our breathing techniques, guided relaxations and affirmations help your subconscious to soak in positivity, helping your body and mind to stay calm and relaxed.  This is also important for Birthing Partners to get involved with!

7th June 2021 Veers birth- Lumiere Photography-24.jpg

"I feel positive, confident & optimistic"

Our perceptions on things are based on experiences and unfortunately that means we have a lifetime of negative associations with childbirth that have been fed into us. This mindset causes us to go into the 'freeze, flight or fight mode', which increases tenses our body and causes the pain. It's known as the 'fear, tension, pain' cycle.

Mystri Mumma educates you so you can trust yourself and the process,

short- circuiting this cycle!

7th June 2021 Veers birth- Lumiere Photography-73.jpg

"I feel safe"

In order for us to feel safe, we need to be in an environment we know, with people we trust. Who better to be that person than your Birthing Partner! See I told you they have a BIG part to play.

Mystri Mumma gives your Birth Partner their own set of tools, with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities so you feel safe whether you give birth in a hospital, birth centre or at home.


Hypnobirthing is for anyone and everyone. Our course covers vaginal births, inductions and caesarean births. It also covers the Birth Partner's role in detail so you feel fully supported.


The recommended time to start a hypnobirthing course is between 20- 30 weeks gestation.

Personally, I don't believe it's ever too early nor too late!

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