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On January 26th 2019 at 13:58, I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, Shyam.


It had been a long nine days since my due date.  Both me and my husband were eagerly awaiting to meet our little prince, but he was loving the waiting game.  From 37 weeks I had been practising my hypnobirthing techniques religiously to keep myself calm.  Listening to the MP3's after having a relaxing bath each night helped me to sleep better, and reciting the affirmations in the morning helped encourage a positive start to each day.



As the weeks went on, both me and my husband (Hemant) knew the track word for word and little did we know how helpful this would be in the delivery room.  Just listening to the tracks empowered me and helped me to keep myself calm and composed, not worrying that I was almost reaching my 42 week mark (remember it is your choice to go ahead with an induction.  Please speak to your midwife about what you'd like and the options you have).

Waking up several times in the night to visit the bathroom had become the norm - I'm sure many of you can relate to this! On each occasion, I spent precious time bargaining with my bladder for more sleep and each time I lost.  Little did I know, on 26.01.2019 at 2am, this wasn't just another bathroom break, but the final countdown to meeting my little man.  I was sat in the bathroom with an odd sensation for about half an hour before Hemant came in with a worried face.


"Pujj, are you ok?"

Me: "I think I'm in early labour. Could you please get the shower going?" 
Hemant: "You want to shower? Are you sure you're in labour? You're awfully calm."

'Calm'.  All those weeks of listening to the MP3's and practising my breathing meant I didn't even realise I was already putting the hypnobirthing techniques to use; and Hemant's reaction confirmed this.  The next nine hours were spent lying on the bed, sitting in the bath and bouncing on my birthing ball whilst listening to the relaxation MP3's . . . . . then my waters broke.

Me: "Hun I think you may want to call the hospital now; my waters have broken." 
Hemant: "Are you sure? Where's the water?"

For those of your wondering with my husband- there isn't always a gush of water creating a pool around your ankles when your waters break. A pop and trickle was my sign that my baby was on his way.


I arrived at the hospital just after midday and was informed I had only dilated 3cm, but they wanted to keep me in to see how I went.  My midwife ran me a bath and went on her lunch believing nothing would happen for at least a few hours.  We were alone in the room and I had been in the pool for around 15 minutes when I felt the surges coming more regularly.  Hemant tried to put on the relaxation MP3, but he'd forgotten to charge the speaker! The surges became increasingly regular and Hemant started to recite the affirmations and supported me to follow my breathing techniques.  I could feel my baby making his way down and asked Hemant to call in a midwife.  Just as the midwife came to see how I was doing and to get a mirror to check how far I had dilated.

Me: Erm, I think the baby is here?" 
Midwife: "Are you sure?" 
Me: "Well I can feel something round and furry- I'm pretty sure it's a head." 
Midwife: "Oh yes! Well with the next surge, you'll hopefully have your baby here." 


And I did.

My little man arrived into the world weighing 8lb 2oz.  I believed I could do it and I did. I achieved a blissful birth; a memory I will cherish forever.


Not all births go according to your birth plan and I would encourage each parent to be open minded about what could happen. However, I found that Hypnobirthing helped me to remain calm and prepared for what was to come.  Believing my body knows best and following its lead really helped me to achieve the birth I had dreamt of.  I hope I can share these tools with you, so you too achieve the birth you dream of.

Baby Jacob.jpg

Throughout my pregnancy, I had my heart set on a water birth.  Even though this was the dream, I knew anything could happen so had to prepare myself for every eventuality! Unfortunately when the time came, I couldn't have a water birth due to some minor complications, which meant I had to deliver on the delivery suite of the hospital.


I believe Hypnobirthing helped me to remain calm throughout, even when I was told I wasn't allowed to go in the water. The breathing techniques worked so much that even the midwives didn't believe I was about to give birth at 9cm dilated - it was all a bit of a rush to get me in a delivery room!  After 16 hours, a very healthy Jacob James Nicholls was born at 12:47pm on 22nd June 2019 and we have since been enjoying life as a family of three.


Hi I hope your OK; I had my baby! OMG I just had to thank you. I had the best birth ever

and I just know it was down to the tools you taught me. It opened up a whole new world to me.

Your affirmations and constant Instagram  reminders that "we can do this" , "having no fear"

"every pain is one step closer to holding my baby" and the most important thing "being able to say No!"


I refused the cannula I knew it would have broke my flow and I didn't converse so much, my hubby spoke up for what I wanted when I couldn't and my birth was beautiful. We were a dream team me, my hubby and our baby all working together. It was very fast but manageable pain! I entered the room at the hospital and in two pushes baby was out! The midwife had to catch her! I felt strong, in control and empowered. Something I've not felt in labour for many years. I really wish all women possessed the tools to have a wonderful birth like I had.


The power of the mind is just amazing. A supportive birth partner, the woman's body and what it can do. So many women fear birth and all what surrounds it. It's so good you do what you do.


Thanks again xxx

Baby Hana_edited.jpg

I want to start by saying thank you for all your help and the tools you taught us in the classes. We were spending a lot of time together as a couple and building up on those oxytocin levels as you had advised. We were sat watching "The Apprentice" when I had this sensation that I hadn't felt before. I went to the bathroom and my waters just broke- it wasn't small though, it just kept going on and on and on. Sam rang the Leicester General Hospital and they advised I go in for a check. I went in and they discussed my options. I didn't want to have an induction and as they discussed my options, I found the confidence to refuse an induction at that point and went back home to see if labour would happen naturally. ​


24 hours later nothing was happening and I felt reduced movement so went back in. I was advised to consider a induction and with the knowledge from you of the process, I decided to opt in. The surges were more intense from the induction, however, I felt I was able to manage them using the Mountain breathing and listening to Window to baby. I kept picturing my baby and that was giving me the strength to get through. I still wasn't dilating and the midwives had informed us that Ileysha had passed meconium.


We were advised to go for a cesarean birth and we opted to go ahead as it seemed the best option for us and Ilyesha. I was still able to use the breathing techniques to remain calm, we asked for the screen to be dropped and Sam was able to announce her sex. Sam was amazing and always asked me what I wanted and the midwives for some time before we came to a decision. He constantly reminded me of the positive affirmations and it really gave me the force to keep going.

Thank you for everything you taught us and for helping us achieve a positive birth.


Thank you so much! I am trying to get all the rest in that I can, I am immensely lucky to have both

mum's here to give me everything and anything that I need they have been fantastic!


I cannot thank you enough! Without you I don't think I would've ever had such a positive outlook on birth! I got told yesterday that I made my birth sound so calm and I would promote pregnancy. 


Despite certain aspects of my birth not being exactly the way I wanted originally these were informed decisions I made based on the knowledge that you gave us and the basic principal that no one knows my body better than me and through this I was able to make the right decision rather than blindly following the advice of the healthcare professionals.

My waters broke on the Thursday (for real this time) we went into the hospital and were told that we should opt in for an induction should labour not begin itself within 24 hours although then we were advised actually since there were 2 risk factors, (she measured slightly smaller on the growth chart and less movements from baby that evening) they wanted to induce me asap rather than waiting for the next day and they wanted to keep the baby monitored throughout (hence no water birth)


We made the decision to wait for labour to begin naturally since i began to feel slight contractions and slight movements from baby so I went with what my baby was telling me..


The next day I got onto my pregnancy ball did lots of walking etc and got labour started naturally - went into hospital, still had my birthing suite and the hypnobirthing music and all and gave birth naturally without the induction and any pain relief at all - the meditation music and my constant focus on my breathing was in fact the best pain relief!


The birth was amazing and Kalpesh using all the techniques you taught did so well throughout out the birth - wouldn't have been able to do it without him! The feeling of having a baby is absolutely phenomenal! Tiring but every time I look at her, its just incredible!


Thank you so much again! This was a summary, I feel like I could write a book about it!


My mucus plug came out over the weekend and my waters started going on Sunday afternoon but I had noticed there was poo in my waters. When spoke to the midwives at the hospital, they advised an induction, and with the knowledge for your course we knew this would be the best option for me and baby so agreed.

This did mean my water birth plan went completely out of the window but I knew it was the right thing for him so happy with how everything went.

I had a great experience and very happy with choices I made, I had gas and air and pethadin, both of which I don’t regret at all. I felt at the time, and still do, that it was the right thing to do for me as the pain from the drip felt so intense, I pushed him out whilst laying on my side which was good for me as I wasn’t that with it and my midwife was really supportive. She gave me good advice on what pain relief to have, supported my Hypnobirthing techniques and the position I was most comfortable in.


I struggled a little with the pain but managed to stay relaxed and calm. I did get a bit teary at points but my husband was there guiding me through each surge and the arrival of our little boy.


It’s been a great help doing the Hypnobirthing, thank you for everything!


As the surges intensified, I used breathing techniques and inhaled a labour aromatherapy blend from a flannel. I went to the loo, and when getting back in bed, I thought i felt my waters leak slightly again, and as I got into bed there was a HUGE gush of water and blood - definitely no mistaking that! They checked me and I was 4cm dilated with a fully open cervix.


Within 5 mins of being checked, I had a huge contraction and felt the urge to push. I told my midwife who said 'okay , I'm just going on my break, so I'll get the other midwife to have a look what's going on with the next contraction and she's advise from there.' She left to swap, and when she was gone, I had another surge and my body just pushed; I couldn't control it so I told my husband to get a midwife because I needed to push. Within a minute, I had another surge and my body just pushed again, twice and I shouted at my husband that i needed a midwife. He said "Well I've pressed the buzzer' so I screamed at him to either press the emergency or shout at the door as I'm I was having an uncontrollable urge to push. The midwife asked if I needed assistance and  I replied with "No, I need to push". She did a quick check and said "Push away, you're fully dilated sweetheart."  I pushed twice, when the midwife noticed baby's heart rate drop and asked me to go onto my side while pressing the emergency buzzer. 2 other midwives and a doctor came to support, and between them they checked me and decided it was safe for me to go back onto my back if I wanted to. I pushed again and his head was out, once more and he was out and placed on my chest.


I went from 4cm to him being born in 15 mins, with no pain relief throughout the whole labour other than codine at the start of surges and a pethadine, which didn't actually stop or numb the pain, it just helped me to sleep. Hypnobirthing was amazing! It allowed me a much more calm, positive mindset, allowing me to fully experience my labour and pushing in a way my first labour and epidural didn't allow.

I went into Kingsmill for induction at 9am, on Monday 18th May. I was checked at 9.30am to be

told that the bottom of my cervix was around 3cm dilated, but the top was completely closed

and unprepared for labour. So they inserted the pessery at 11. Had a few tightenings, and period like cramps, but nothing major. At 11am on Tuesday, I was told that although the top of my cervix was still closed, it was now ready to dilate. A second pessery was put in at 1pm and she performed a sweep as well. Around 10pm, mild contractions started, however by 11 they had increased in intensity, so I started using the breathing techniques learned in your Hypnobirthing sessions , focusing on lowering and relaxing my shoulders my jaw. As it got more painful, I had codine, but didn't feel the need for anything stronger as I noticed how much of a difference breathing properly made to managing the pain. By 7am on Wednesday, the pain with the contractions were more intense, and I really had to concentrate on the breathing technique. The midwife informed me, should I require, a bed on the labour ward available for when they were able to break my waters. While waiting, I was really struggling, so I rang my mum who guided me through the techniques with each surge - she asked me 'were my shoulders low', 'is my jaw loose' and to 'focus on the easy breathing'. During this time, I wasn't sure if my waters leaked a little, so I consented for a check by the midwife. 


Thank you so much Pooja! She is an absolute angel; the midwives keep commenting on how calm she is and how alert, she doesn't look newborn at all and she's such a graceful little princess!

They also commented on how I look beautiful and do not look at all like I've had a c section. Its all thanks to hypnobirthing and accepting whatever path my birth journey would take knowing that things are going forward in the way that are best for me. I honestly feel so proud of my body for showing so much strength and resilience considering the circumstances. I was able to manage the contractions through breathing techniques up until i was 5cm which in reality was probably the equivalent of 10cm contraction pain considering the length which id been going on for and the emotional stress I was carrying. I honestly feel like I entered the theatre like a queen, so calm and brave and that is such an achievement for me considering having a c section was one of my biggest fears.


You were so supportive all throughout our journey and I cant wait for her to meet you! my husband was an amazing birth partner and seeing him be there and have faith in me whilst I was going through my more intense contractions actually gave me so much strength as I realised how much he loves me! Even when I was shifted back to the ward at 9am he stayed in the car park until i went back to the labour room (because of COVID19), which was at 3pm, he was like I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving you alone at hospital all alone. Honestly Pooja I feel so blessed to be his wife and to have such an amazing husband, its making me tearful just typing it. Throughout the labour he was as supportive as you'd expect him to be and even though his mum passed away in my early labour period, he'd make time to come upstairs and fill me with oxytocin, he called himself my oxytocin fairy!

Your classes were so helpful to makes sure we felt prepared for any birthing scenario and I know our circumstances were not what anyone expected but without the tools and information you shared with us, we were able to work as a team and have a positive birth experience.

My partner arrived at 5pm and we were moved to delivery at 6.40pm. I felt that the whole time I was able to keep my breathing relaxed and used the tools Pooja taught to manage no pain relief. Once on the delivery ward I was nearing the end of my labour, my son's heart rate dropped and doctors rushed in, I hadn’t started pushing yet but as his heart rate was so low they told me they were getting the forceps. Whilst they left the room I tried to envision what Pooja said in the session with the balloon trick and was able to push my baby out within 8 minutes needing no assistance. From my first birth emergency C- Section to allowing my body to do it’s thing it was like night and day and I was home within 4 hours. So for that I am grateful. 


I completed the Hypnobirthing course in the earlier weeks of my pregnancy due to the pandemic.

With all the unknowns of pregnancy as well as COVID19, I wanted to make sure I could take back 

as much control as possible for my birth and I can definitely say the course helped me achieve this. 

I had a previous traumatic birth with my first son which resulted in an emergency C- Section and prior to doing the course, I found myself getting anxious about this happening again.

After completing the course, I found when I did become anxious, I could practice the breathing techniques learnt in the course which really helped me to bing myself to a calm. I went into labour in the middle of Monday night kept waking with pains but they were just coming and going and not regular enough to go to the hospital so I lay on the sofa and went through the grounding technique Pooja taught and it really helped to keep me grounded in early labour. Pooja taught about the process of labour and knowing what each contraction was doing really helpful for me to just let it go and let it happen to move things along. I went to hospital at 9am Tuesday morning to see if I was in labour I was only 3cm so I was waiting around until 4pm to be moved to the ward and this time I was alone due to not yet being in active labour (COVID19 meant my birth partner couldn't be with me until I was in active labour). When I moved to the ward my waters broke and contractions started coming very fast. During this time my partner still wasn’t there so I put on some music and focused on my breathing how I was taught, all the little things such as keeping shoulders down and relaxing my jaw 100% helped for me to have no pain relief and keep myself together. 



Delilah Wilcox born last night at 00:48am weighing 7,11lbs! She is perfect!


Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help you really played a part in our amazing birth and it wouldn’t have been the same without you! Adam was the most amazing and supportive birthing partner he helped support me the whole way through and my breathing techniques helped me to get to 10cm on just the TENS machine and paracetamol after delaying an induction…something we felt like we had the right tools and made the right decision to do after your guidance and using our “BRAINS” like you taught us.


After getting in to the pool surrounded by peaceful music, the UFO cards you gave us to remind me how to help baby get in to a favourable position with candles and aromatherapy I just needed some gas and air and felt the need to push! I told the midwife I was feeling my body pushing and she said it’s probably still too early for it to be doing that but normal to feel that way.

birth stories (1)_edited.png

Anyway body definitely was pushing and although she was meant to do her next vaginal examination at 2am but I knew without her checking that baby was on the way! Anyway they kept telling me that my breathing techniques were brilliant (thanks to you) then at the end they said I was focusing too much on breathing the gas and air so took that off me so I managed to deliver her without pain relief they just had to make a small cut to allow her head out. I could never have done that without the positive affirmations, the tools you gave us and without Adam! Thank you so much!


I 100% recommend hypnobirthing with Pooja! The knowledge and confidence my husband and I gained was so invaluable. 


Pooja gave me the confidence and knowledge to challenge and refuse an induction due to baby measuring big.  Her course enabled my husband to advocate for me and question things when baby's heart rate kept dropping and I was being advised to have my waters broken and then finding them full of meconium. We weren't shocked or panicked when there were suddenly so many medical professionals in the room and knew what to expect when I was told I would need to have an emergency c section to get baby out straight away. 


Although the birth was nothing how we planned, I still used the breathing techniques to try to keep calm. "I breathe in calm, my mind and body relax down" was my mantra! The only thing I could control during the whole experience was focusing on my breathing to keep calm and remembering my affirmations, and they hand on heart worked! 


I strongly believe that hypnobirthing gave me the tools to have a positive pregnancy. I was even looking forward to labour and birth! A friend always said to me that she admired how positive and calm I was about pregnancy and birth. 


My husband recommends hypnobirthing to every father to be that he knows and has said that he would not have known what was happening or had the confidence to ask questions had it not been for the course. 


Pooja is so supportive and knowing that I could turn to her for advice, which I did many times, was so reassuring. I was so excited and empowered to birth my baby, and that was all down to Pooja. So, thank you!

birth stories_edited.png
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