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Saying thank you can come in more ways than one. 

For some of you I have supported through social media, posts, DM's, through my groups, text any other mediums and I absolutely love doing it! I never have any expectations because your heartfelt thank you's are always more than enough.

However, some of you have asked to give something back in return (which is very kind of you) so I thought I would create this space where you are free to donate what you feel is right for you and the donations will be used to buy me a crystal from another small business KC Holistics.

This way, your money is used to support another small business and I can continue to build on my love for crystals

(which have been a huge part of building my own small business!)

Thank you for your kind gesture. Your gift will be forever treasured and your support eternally cherished.

Gift Pooja a Crystal


Thank you for your gift!

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